Island Haunt Productions is owned and operated by Stephen and Kerry Kass, local residents of Nanaimo, British Columbia. For years, thoughts of opening an annual haunted house attraction were dreamed of, but, never fulfilled.

In 2002, Stephen and Kerry were proud to introduce their first attraction called the ‘Island of Terror’. The year’s theme followed the storyline of a haunted pirate ship that gets caught up in a violent storm that ultimately causes the ship to crash onto a craggy shoreline. While remnants of the ship are spread everywhere, mysteriously the evil captain of the ship and the treasure are gone. As patrons advance through the carnage, they ultimately find not only the treasure, but the captain as well.

After missing the 2003 season, Island Haunt Productions returned with the ‘Castle of Doom’ for 2004.  Since then, annual attractions have included:

  • 2005 Mayhem Manor
  • 2006 The Crypt
  • 2007 Nightmares
  • 2008 Asylum
  • 2009 The Awakening
  • 2010 Labyrinth of Darkness
  • 2011 Forsaken
  • 2012 Twisted
  • 2013 Scary Tales
  • 2014 Hillbilly Revenge
  • 2015 The Facility
  • 2016 The Final Chapter

The Final Chapter will mark the end of a long streak of haunted attractions at the Beban Park Fairgrounds.  Come out and experience our final presentation.  The memory will haunt you forever.